Badass Fender Covers

The ultimate fender cover - custom, full front-end, wrap-around protection for your car

Badass Fender Covers are so much more than just a “fender cover”.  Badass Fender Covers completely and securely cover your car’s entire front end, providing the ultimate protection against those costly accidents that sometimes happen while working under the hood.  


The fit is PERFECT! Just put mine on for the first time and I must say I'm impressed with the quality. Here are some images.  The second on is of  the carry pouch that comes with the cover. These pics were actually taken AFTER I repacked it. So you can see it all goes back together fairly easily.    From Paul C, moderator on 


This is so cool!!! My Father's Day present!!! It's from a new company called "Bad Ass Fender Covers" it covers from one fender to the next and across the front!!! Even comes with a carry case. High quality stuff!!!!                                                                   From Stephen L posted in Monte Carlo forum

stephen mcss.jpg

Got mine and used it this past weekend. Wish I had gotten one sooner! Excellent fit and the magnets hold it tightly in place.                                 Posted by Fueled via on 05-06-2013



Tried mine for fitment yesterday . I'M HAPPY !!!              From  UncleTom via Facebook



Got my Cover today and for the 1st time I felt very comfortable working under the hood without worrying were to lay a tool.                                                                                 Posted by Mantalog in on 06-29-2013


Just an update, got to use the fender cover tonight and they work awesome! They do not slide around at all and they look great while protecting your car. The pocket is awesome also because you can put small tools and parts in them without losing them. These fender covers are bad ***!                               Posted by DCTrouant1995   in    

(Dylan found us on Facebook and contacted us asking for a fender cover for his car.   He organized a group discount for his forum members and drove his car from Dothan to Panama CIty.  We used Dylan's car to create our pattern and he got a  free cover. -thanks Dylan)



Just received that "BADASS" fender cover, man what can I say! I am besides myself your product is unique you are the bomb. The storage bag was the added bonus for me. Hope your business takes off, just a brief message of my gratitude. 

Thank You,
Rodrigo M.



Finally got my cover on this weekend, fits great!! Thanks                                From:  Aeroaddict




Got my Badass Fender Cover in today. This thing fits great.      Posted by Poppa Hyde