Badass Fender Covers

The ultimate fender cover - custom, full front-end, wrap-around protection for your car

Badass Fender Covers are so much more than just a “fender cover”.  Badass Fender Covers completely and securely cover your car’s entire front end, providing the ultimate protection against those costly accidents that sometimes happen while working under the hood.  


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Small town, humble, proud, and hardworking....we have so much in common with that well-know family of duck-call professionals they call Duck Dynasty.  We've yet to trace our heritage, but we are positive our family trees must have crossed at some point in time - just look at our children....the family resemblance is uncanny


Badass Fender Covers and Badass RV Tire Covers are products created by Shaun Brown Upholstery.  We are located in beautiful Northwest Florida, the home of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches.  Family owned and operated, we custom sew all of our Fender Covers using quality materials and craftsmanship.  We stand behind our products, no matter what it takes.  We strive to produce the best product possible, but should we make a mistake (or even if you make a mistake) you can rest assured that we will stand behind our product and make it right!   

             Shaun & CeCe Brown