Badass Fender Covers

The ultimate fender cover - custom, full front-end, wrap-around protection for your car

Badass Fender Covers are so much more than just a “fender cover”.  Badass Fender Covers completely and securely cover your car’s entire front end, providing the ultimate protection against those costly accidents that sometimes happen while working under the hood.  


NOTE:  All of our Badass Fender Covers are custom made in the USA.   We are currently constructing all of our fender covers using "whisper-soft seams".   We started using this method of sewing all of the seams to the outside several years back in order to give your car's finish the best protection possible.  Because we use customer's cars to make our patterns and model our covers, not all of the pictures on our website show the upgraded construction methods.   The Whisper Soft Seam construction method can be seen in some of the pictures in the gallery above.



Badass Protection Products


Badass Protection specializes in helping you protect your toys.  We started with the Badass Fender Cover line of high quality front-end fender covers in 2010.  In 2013, we expanded our commitment to protection with our unique line of Badass Tire Covers for the discerning Motor Coach owner. 

So much more than just a fender cover, our Badass Fender Covers completely and securely cover your car’s front-end, providing the ultimate protection against those costly accidents that sometimes happen while working under the hood.  Badass Fender Cover’s custom fit will cradle your car’s curves, just like your favorite pair of well-worn Levi’s cradles your behind.  Say goodbye to moving around those little fender covers that are never where you need them to be and say hello to a great new way to protect your car’s front end while you are “wrenching and grinning”. 

We created Badass Tire Covers at your request.  Our product line of Badass Fender Covers have been an exciting addition to the Custom Muscle Car community for several years now.  When several members of your Motor Coach community came to us with a special request, we could not resist the challenge.  Their request was simple – create a tire cover that made sense – no ugly snaps, no kneeling in the dirt, no hugging filthy tires and…….. and, it had to last.  Well, you asked for it, you got it!



Quality Construction and Whisper-soft Seams


Each Badass Fender Cover is custom made to order in the USA using top quality materials.  Designed to last, Badass Fender Covers use heavy duty industrial automotive vinyl.  The vinyl, lined with fleece, provides both a tough exterior against the harsh environment of the garage as well as a soft interior.   All of the seams are sewn using Whisper-soft Seams, ensuring no harsh edges or seams rest against your finish.  Extra attention to details such as binding the edges, a mechanic’s pocket, large mesh inserts over the air intake areas, as well as a convenient storage bag help make Badass Fender Covers badass.




Exclusive Magnatech Attachment Systems


Both Badass Fender Covers and Badass Tire Covers use our exclusive Magna-tech Attachment Systems.  Our attachment methods allow you to quickly and securely attach your cover without any modifications to your vehicle or RV.   Each Badass Cover is custom designed to provide the perfect fit and attachment for each particular specification.  Badass Tire Covers exclusively use neodymium magnets.  Adjustable straps, grommets, and neodymium magnets are some of the tools we use to ensure our fender covers attaches quickly, safely, and securely.  When a Badass Fender Cover is attached to the car as directed, it will not slip, slide, or fall off.  You can work under the hood, even leaning on and over the fenders, confident your car is protected.

Attachment Methods: 

  • Grommets & Adjustable Straps:  Buick Regal and 83-88 MCSS
  • Magnets & Adjustable Straps:  67-68 Camaro, 69 Camaro, 70-73 Camaro, 70-72 MCSS
  • All Magnetic: all other models