Badass Fender Covers

The ultimate fender cover - custom, full front-end, wrap-around protection for your car

Badass Fender Covers are so much more than just a “fender cover”.  Badass Fender Covers completely and securely cover your car’s entire front end, providing the ultimate protection against those costly accidents that sometimes happen while working under the hood.  


PreOrder Form  VW Golf/GTI

The 2008-2014 VW Golf/GTI is being considered as a possible new addition to the Badass Fender Cover product line.  We need a minimum of ten confirmed pre-orders to move to production.   By completing and submitting this form, you are indicating your intention to purchase this product once it has been developed. 

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When the VW GTI is ready for sales we will invoice you for payment. To facillitate the invoicing process please select your payment method: